Some Customers Are Switching from Heating Oil to Propane – Find Out Why

  • Savings – Right now it is less expensive to heat with propane. To calculate your savings between heating with propane versus heating with oil, check out our heating oil to propane calculator.[1]
  • Versatility – Propane can be used for fireplaces, dryers, grills, pool heaters and backup generators.
  • Clean – Propane is considered more environmentally friendly due to its lower carbon dioxide output
  • Low Maintenance – Propane equipment burns cleaner  and requires less maintenance and retains its efficiency levels longer.

For a more detailed side-by-side comparison, be sure to visit our blog on heating oil vs. propane. If you’re interested in switching to propane, give us a call at 1.888.310.1924 to speak with one of our representatives today or Contact Us Online.


Whatever you decide, Irving Energy encourages you to have all the facts and weigh the benefits so you can make a decision that’s right for you.


[1]  Savings will vary depending on the price of heating oil and propane. Even though propane prices are currently low Irving Energy does not know where these prices will be in the future.

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