Every day, people are discovering the advantages of converting to a propane heating
system – and now Irving Energy will help you make the switch, and save!

Why convert to Propane?

  • Efficient – Propane is up to 95% efficient.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Propane is a leader in clean burning fuels and has a low carbon dioxide output.
  • Easy to Maintain – Propane is a clean fuel, so your equipment will require less maintenance.
  • Versatile – Propane can be used by many household products and appliances such as heating systems, stoves, fireplaces, pool heaters, back-up power generators, and barbecues!

Switch today and save 25 cents per gallon* for the first year!

Plus – Ask about our financing options.

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*Offer valid only in the areas serviced by Irving Energy in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. Offer is available to residential customers who purchase a new installed propane boiler or furnace from Irving Energy and runs to December 31, 2018. Offer subject to change or termination without notice and cannot be combined with any other discount or promotional offer.
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