HTP SuperStor

The HTP SuperStor offers your home a reliable hot water solution with high output.

Ideal For

For nearly any home when used with a boiler.


  • Easy to maintain – the simple design of the heat exchanger decreases required service.
  • The attractive, durable silver plastic jacket ensures a rustproof fi­nish, even in moist environments
  • Low standby losses as a result of two inch thick environmentally safe foam insulation – reducing standby loss means increasing efficiency


  • Long lasting stainless steel tank
  • Tank size of 83 gallons resists corrosion and eliminates the need for anode rods
  • High output finned cupronickel heat exchanger – this heat exchanger provides a very high BTU output per foot
  • Can be linked to a boiler using a zone valve or a circulated pump, allowing for installation flexibility


For complete warranty information, please visit the HTP website.

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Fuel Type

Heating Oil, Propane

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