Granby Conforto

With the low maintenance Granby Conforto, you will have a comfortable heating solution for your home.

Ideal For

Any home using heating oil


  • Flexible venting options that can be customized to suit your home needs
  • The furnace responds precisely to thermostat-requested temperature, providing you with a comfortable, more even heat


  • Thanks to its unique design, there is no soot build-up in the heat exchanger, making this a low-maintenance unit
  • This compact furnace uses a smaller floor footprint than most models
  • Available in front and rear chimney breach models


Warranty based on model and the installation date. Tanks are warranted from three to 30 years. The warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship.

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Additional Information

Fuel Type

Heating Oil

AFUE Rating

Up to 96.7%

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