The Airco furnace is a low maintenance machine, offering a comfortable heating solution for nearly any home.

Ideal For

For nearly any home using heating oil


  • Less interior temperature overshoot because furnace answers precisely to thermostat-requested temperature, providing a comfortable, even heat
  • Venting through the chimney is not needed, so the Airco is flexible to suit your home


  • Proven heat exchanger design featuring 100% welded construction for maximum performance
  • Heat exchanger’s unique design also results in low maintenance
  • The blower can be direct drive or belt drive type
  • All blowers are permanently lubricated and resilient to wear
  • Insulation is designed with spun glass and aluminum foil for a “hand-cool” cabinet


For complete warranty information, please visit the Airco website.

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AFUE Rating

Up to 86.7%

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