Commercial Price Protection Plan and Payment Options

Irving Energy’s New England Propane and Heating Oil Price Protection Program is open for the 2014-2015 season. For more information call 1.888.310.1924.


OptionDescriptionDoes it meet your needs?
1 - Fixed Price Plan• Your price is fixed for up to 12 months or until your gallons are used up, whichever comes first.
• Fix all or a percentage of your annual gallons.
• No matter where fuel prices go, your price remains the same.
Fixed Price plans are good for businesses that want the security of knowing their price is fixed and will not go higher, but are willing to take the chance that prices could go lower.
2 - Variable Price• The price you pay is the current market price at the time of delivery.Variable Price plans are good for businesses that prefer to pay market price, understanding that market prices may go up or may go down.
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