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Choosing a Heating Oil or Propane Company: Five Questions to Ask

When choosing a heating oil or propane company you have many options.

Here are five questions to ensure you make the right choice.

  1. Does the heating oil or propane company offer after hour emergency repair service? When equipment fails it is often at the most inconvenient time – mid winter and after hours.  If no hassle emergency repair is important to you then look for this service from your heating oil and propane company before you sign up.
  2. Does the company offer flexible payment plans like budget payments? 1/3 of annual heating demand is in January and February.  If you prefer to spread your heating bills over 10 – 12 months then you will want a company that offers a budget payment option.  Some companies offer a variety of payment options like credit cards, checks and cash.  Others only offer cash at the door. Unless you are willing to stay at home waiting for the delivery – you may wish to opt for a heating oil or propane company that offers other payment options.
  3. Does the company offer downside protection or other pricing options? If you like the protection of a downside protected price or a fixed price, look for a company that offers these options.
  4. Is the price competitive for what you’re getting? The price of heating oil and propane is an important aspect of choosing a heating oil or propane company.  We find that most customers look for full service but at a competitive price.  They want a decent price but also look for the reliability and flexibility that comes with a full serve company.  Remember if the price seems too good to be true it probably is.
  5. Does the company install and service heating equipment or offer equipment protection plans? When your equipment needs to be serviced or even when it needs to be replaced it’s convenient to buy oil from a company that can install and service heating equipment with qualified and trained installers.  After all they know your equipment best.



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