Automatic delivery: Year-round comfort


Life in Northern New England means winter can arrive early. And with the Farmer’s Almanac predicting a harsh winter this year, your heating system could be working extra hard to heat your home.  Irving Energy recommends setting up automatic delivery. That way, you’ll never have to worry about scheduling your home heating fuel delivery, and you can enjoy the comfort of your warm and cozy home, all winter long.


Make your life easier

After all, who doesn’t like things that make life easier? Automatic delivery gives you more time to enjoy what matters most to you:

  • Automatic delivery is a free service.
  • You can count on the delivery truck being there on time to keep your home warm and cozy.


Irving Energy uses sophisticated computer software that predicts when you need fuel based on the size of your house and tank, usage rates, the forecasted weather and more. That software is constantly recalculating your usage rate every time a delivery is made, ensuring the most precise time to deliver to your house.


Delivery and customer service is what we do

  • Irving Energy makes hundreds of thousands of deliveries each year to homes and businesses in New England.
  • Irving Energy tracks your delivery from that first contact with a customer service representative through dispatch and delivery to ensure your satisfaction.
  • Irving Energy is there for you, serving towns throughout New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont.


This home heating season, make sure your family stays warm, comfortable and worry-free throughout the coldest months of the year.




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