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Summer will soon be here and the warm weather will be upon us. We’ll shed the heavy jackets, open windows around the house and no longer feel the furnace turning on.

Believe it or not, there’s no better time to start thinking about ways to stay warm next winter.

Your furnace has worked hard to keep you warm throughout these cold months, so reward it with some loving care now so it will be at peak performance when the chilly days return. This is a great time to schedule an annual check-up of your entire heating system and take care of any repairs needed. Here are five ways you can make sure your heating system and home is ready for next winter.

  1. Have your heating system serviced and cleaned every year to ensure it is working properly and most efficiently.
  2. Install programmable thermostats to help regulate heating your home based on your household schedule, keeping you warm while you are home, and allowing cooler temps when you are away – even if you don’t remember to turn the thermostat down.
  3. Replace an old, inefficient furnace or water heater to save money in the long run. Did you know home heating accounts for 60% of at-home energy use?
  4. Insulate your home. Although they don’t use energy, windows and doors can be a major source of heat loss in the home. Special coatings and insulated frames can help keep the cold out and the warm in.
  5. Consider the various pricing options, like our Price Protection and Cap pricing programs that are available to help manage fuel costs and your budget.


Safety reminders
Ensure your flues, vents and chimneys are clear of blockages so they can vent properly. Always have a UL approved carbon monoxide detector in your home.

Irving Energy: Here for New Hampshire
Irving Energy makes thousands of heating oil and propane deliveries each year in New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont, and we have hundreds of trucks on the roads to keep New Englanders warm.

Reliable, 24-Hour Service
We also provide automatic delivery so you don’t have to check the fuel level on your oil or propane tank. Using a sophisticated software system based on home size, weather and usage rates, we can predict when you’ll need your next fuel delivery.

No matter where you are in New Hampshire – including Manchester, Goffstown, Derry, Nashua, Milford, Keene, Lebanon and Claremont – our trained and certified drivers and technicians provide service throughout the state, delivering propane and heating oil right to your home and providing 24-hour emergency service.

Save Energy, Save Money with Irving Energy!
We offer competitive pricing, reliable and timely delivery, as well as expert energy advice. We can consult with you on energy-efficient upgrades to your current heating system that come with peace of mind protection plans and flexible payment options.

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