Favorite Winter Activity Contest – Closed

Our ‘Favorite Outdoor Winter Activity’ contest is now closed. Learn more about our Winter Activity contest winner and be sure to take a look at all the entries below.








61 responses to “Favorite Winter Activity Contest – Closed”

  1. Ryan Hogan says:

    I love to go snowboarding, nothing like shredding fresh powder.

  2. sarah oswald says:

    i like making snowmen with my nephews!!!

  3. Lee Gayle says:

    My favourite winter activity is to create a Foxes and Geese game in the backyard for the children. I get all the neighbourhood children involved in shoveling paths in the snow to create the maze.

    Then the entire neighbourhood have a weekly Foxes and Geese (tag) tournament. We serve everyone hot chocolate and snacks, and create a magical environment by using candles in jars to light up the playing field.

    This is not only a wonderful way to pass the winter evenings, but everyone gets outside and some exercise. The children come home tired, but happy.

  4. Maegan Morin says:

    My favorite outdoor winter activity has always been snowmobiling!! Especially the day long trips. Leave mid morning and come back after supper, eating grilled cheese around the fire it was so much fun!

  5. Cathy Barrett says:

    One of our very favourite winter activities is ice fishing. Catching a fish or two is always nice, but the best fun is what we in Newfoundland call the “boil up” – that is boiling the kettle in the outdoors and having a nice cup of tea (hot chocolate and marshmallows for the kids). It is a memory that stays with us all throughout the year.


    My favorite winter activity is sitting by my pellet stove and relaxing with a good book. I think I must have been a bear in a previous life because I would simply love to hibernate and not worry about oil bills.

  7. Andrea Hickey says:

    Our favorite winter activity is to go cross country skiing in beautiful O’Dell Park. We take pictures of wildlife, the scenary and sometimes, out takes of us falling! After we go home to a nice toasty warm house and have some hot chocolate.

    Sings: With Irving gas fuel and oil you can beat the weather!

  8. Trish Belland says:

    Ice skating of course! It’s just such a classic thing to do!

  9. I like to go sno tubing with my kids

  10. Sonny gottwald says:

    I love to take my Grand children skating when they come to visit us for Xmas.Seeing their happy face with a beautiful smile of joy on it,bring me much happiness in my old age.

  11. Laurie MacNeil says:

    I love to go sledding with my son and his friends. We’ve had lots of snow this year, and had lots of great times on our local hills!

  12. Michelle says:

    I love walking in a snowstorm, preferable one with those big heavy flakes and not too much wind.

  13. Amanda says:

    Taking our dogs for a walk and watching them catch snowballs. Also watching my daughter just play in the snow. :)

  14. Vern Grantham says:

    When the snow flies, and my 4 year old grandson comes for a visit, we have great fun making snowmen, and finding little sticks for his arms, stuff like that

  15. Julia Morton says:

    Running in snow covered golf course and looking at ice cakes in the ocean.

  16. Karen Sandberg says:

    Playing “snowball” with my Rhodesian Ridgeback is my favorite winter activity. We head to the backyard where I make snowballs and launch them with a canine ball launcher. He races back and forth through the snow to chase the snowballs and is very entertaining… Who would have thought a lion hunter would love the snow!

  17. Scott Morton says:

    Sledding with the kids. Being from Australia it is still a great novelty. The first day it snowed I left work early to go and by a sled and pick my eldest up to go and hit the slopes. I got some strange looks from my co-workers!

  18. Debra Jeanson says:

    We love snowmobiling on all the great trails in NH. We have been doing this since 1981. Love it

  19. Esther says:

    Driving on snow covered streets to join several “Groovy Grannies” who perfrm winter holiday country line dance routines for the folks in six local nursing homes who cannot be outside to enjoy the cold weather activities is the extent of my winter excursions.

  20. Mike says:

    We have a perfect hilly yard, that is a great place to teach the kids how to ski! We have beginner, and intermediate slopes in the back yard and expert runs in the front yard!!! I love winter at my house!

  21. Cathy says:

    My favourite winter activity with my family is to go snowmobiling on the trails that I ride my horses on in the summer. It’s always a treat when we see deer and moose when we are out.

  22. Julie says:

    There are few sites more dramatic than living on the ocean during the winter months, and this season produced no shortage of dramatic sights. When the weather is at its most intense and dramatic, my favorite activity is to click on my cross country skis, glide out to the point, and take in Mother Nature’s spectacle, alone with the elements.

  23. Rick Golba says:

    Irving delivers propane to us at our condo in Waterville Valley and our favorite winter activity is skiing. That is followed by enjoying the falling snow while staying warm and cozy by the fire!

  24. Bob Arena says:

    Snow mobileing is my favorite. See the other side of the Towns of NH,rivers ect.

  25. Bob Reardon says:

    Snowshoeing is my favorite winter time activity. Outback of our house in New Jersey New Hampshire the woods go on for miles and I love go out and explore!

  26. Bob Reardon says:

    Snowshoeing is my favorite Wintertime activity. We have many miles Openwoods behind my house in New Durham and I love to go out and explore!

  27. Laurie Garrison says:

    I’m not much of a winter person. I mostly enjoy wrapping my hands around a cup of hot chocolate and watching the snow melt; however, the scenery is quite beautiful after a fresh snowfall!

  28. Ashley Brimicombe says:

    I love taking my kids outside to make snowmen and snow angels!

  29. Sherri says:

    My favorite winter activity is watching my 4 year old play in the snow. She has so much fun tunnelling through fresh snow, sliding, or building a snowman – we can’t even walk from the house to the car without her running to stick at least one foot in the snow bank! But I think her favorite part is the hot chocolate we drink to warm up after playing in the snow!

  30. Janice says:

    My favorite activity for winter is staying in the house and being warm.

  31. Joy says:

    I take care of children in my home in NL. And the fun things we do in the winter is going for nature walks down the trail by my house. Also we build snowmen in the yard and play with the snow. On snowy days when the children have left, i like to curl up in front of my propane fireplace with a good book.

  32. Cathy Manuel says:

    My most memorable winter activity happens on New Years Eve. For the past 8 years my daughter (now 15) and I head out to a small neighborhood rink by our home and have our own little skating party to ring in the new year. We play music from the car (parked nearby), bring hot chocolate, and “rate” each others skating routine. There have been years where we have had to bring shovels just to clear a patch of ice to skate on — but it has been a wonderful family tradition.

  33. Ed Chartrand says:

    We just enjoy the four seasons especially after spending 30 plus years in hot and humid southern climates during our military career. It’s good to be back in New England where we were born and raised. Also It’s nice to be dealing with snow removal on our retirement schedule. Ed and Janie Chartrand, Goffstown NH.

  34. Dianne Timmins says:

    My favorite winter activities include making snowpeople families. My 3 3/4 year old daughter picks flower seed pods from the garden for eyes and mouths, we use carrots for noses and sticks for arms. We even made crowns on the mom and dad to denote their royalty (we had just finished a Disney princess movie before heading outside). We then head in and snuggle with a book. My favorite activity is cherishing those special moments.

  35. Barbara says:

    I love to ski in winter and this year have a goal to ski as many maritime hills as possible in order to support local businesses.

  36. Darryl Eisan says:

    My favourite winter activity is sledding at Ashburn Golf Club here in Halifax with my seven-old son Aidan :)

  37. Lisa says:

    My favorite winter activity is snowshoeing. The snow makes everything so much more peaceful.

  38. Tracy says:

    Favorite is building snowball fortresses around the yard and sipping hot chocolate afterward

  39. Tracy says:

    Favorite is building snowball fortresses around the yard and sipping hot chocolate afterward

  40. Lana says:

    snuggling with the cat with a great book or movie and some hot chocolate!

  41. Kathy says:

    my favorite winter outdoor activities are sledding, ski-dooing, and skating with the kids.

  42. Danielle Grant says:

    In the winter I love doing local activities like snowshoeing in the back yard, skating at the local outdoor rink and hitting up Bretton Woods for snowboarding when I can!

  43. Pat Cloutier says:

    I love to sit by the window and read while having a nice cup of tea. When all is done, it’s fun to get my snow blower up and going which really relaxes me. I feel so good when my yard is all cleaned out and it looks neat.

  44. Bruce Westcott says:

    Wood-fired sauna, sweat ’til you are ready to drop, then go for a good naked roll in the snow. Or jump through a hole in the ice into a pond. But have a good heart, good friends and a safety pole nearby(!)

  45. Megan Pineau says:

    My favorite winter activity is going skating with friends.

  46. Tim Tower says:

    My favorite outdoor winter activity is getting the kids and our two golden retrievers out on a hiking trail after a freshly fallen snow!

  47. Brian Oldford says:

    Making snow Angels !!!! and smelling the fresh air

  48. Michael Carl says:

    I love to shovel the snow to make sure my Irving oil delivery driver has no troubles getting to the fill tube.

  49. Kathleen says:

    Favorite winter activity–hiking up to Freedleyville Quarry, skating inside the quarry and then sledding down!

  50. Julia Brisbane says:

    My body has let me know that I’m beyond the days of being in the cold. I like to stay inside and be warm whilst dreaming of visiting the Caribbean at a beach with clear blue waters for snorkeling, scuba diving and walking along the shoreline.

  51. debbie young says:

    my favorite outdoor activies are skiing, snowmoblingand making hudge forts in the snow with the kids.

  52. Cara says:

    Ice climbing is a great way to enjoy winter! It’s so thrilling and empowering to climb up an icy rock face.

  53. KIM NICKERSON says:

    My favorite winter activity is skiing just learning but enjoying it anyway even though I
    Had a couple of spills.

  54. Karen Ahern says:

    My favorite thing would be to start the day watching the snow fall from my warm comfortable bed, thanks to Irving Energy! Then getting up to a nice hot cup of Joe, on my gas stove (thank you Irving Energy). Next would be taking my snow shoes out on the trails in Goffstown, where your surroundings are peaceful and serene.

    What I like most of all, is when Irving Energy pays my heating bill :)

    Thank you Irving Energy!!!

  55. Val MacEachern says:

    This is our first winter living in Cape Breton.I have to say at the age of 67 my alltime favourite thing about the winter here is , yesterday for the FIRST time I had a ride on a snow mobile across Lake Ainslie.The only comment I can make is WOW WOW WOW!!!

  56. Marlene Jordan says:

    I like playing in the snow with my 3 grandchildren. Two live in the south so don’t get to see or playin much snow so we take advantage of it any time they are visiting. We make snowmen, snow angels, shovel, make snow houses in the snowbanks (which are sometimes taller than the children!) and go snowtubing at the local hill. Playing with the children reminds me of all the fun I had as a child and keeps me young!

  57. Mary Poulos says:

    My Favorite Winter Activity is absolutely NOTHING.. i don’t like skiing, snowmobiles, building snowmen –
    snowball fights are fun i guess.

    The snow is pretty when it snows and the trees are white and icicles hanging that what I like about winter.

    Also I like it that my animals go to run out the door and step with one paw in the snow and then clean it off – that is funny to watch.

  58. Becky says:

    Probably my most favorite winter activity is getting out for a big walk with our dog. He loves bounding through the snow, and when we walk through the woods he’ll wait for you to throw snowballs for him to catch. The whole walk he is constantly turning back to us waiting for the snowballs. So our winter walks through the woods take longer then usual but it’s fun and we feel great after the fresh air.
    Sent along a picture!

  59. Kara says:

    My favorite winter activity right now is making snowmen with my three young children. We have so much fun working together and making unique and silly snowmen. Then we enjoy these free yard ornaments until they melt! :)

  60. Jacinta Hunting says:

    My favorite winter activity can only take place after the first big snowfall of the year. When there is so much snow that my dogs have a hard time running through it. They get so excited about the snow, so We take them out in the yard and play with them. They love grabbing snow balls out of the air and rolling around in it. They also try and run as fast as they can through the snow! It is quite the spectacle!

  61. John Armstrong says:

    Snow shoeing out our back door into the fields and forests is a most rewarding past time.
    It’s fun, is good for our heath physically and mentally. Also, it doesn’t cost anything, or produce harm in any way. Planet Earth’s abundant natural beauty is just waiting there to experience in it’s quiet way. Sharing snow shoeing is a most rewarding winter activity….

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