Featured Entry – Furnace 9

Cynthia from Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia

“We have had many sleepless nights because of our furnace – it has been a nightmare since we moved into our house in February 2008. Although it tries to be strong and mighty in its old age, it has seen far better days!

My husband and I are a newlywed couple – married in September 2010 and hope to start a family very soon.  How can we have little ones crawling around with the constant worry of what the furnace may or may not do?? How can we get what little sleep we will be able to manage worrying about what the decrepit beast in the basement may or may not be capable of??

As you can see from our photo our furnace is in amongst a snake field of pipes, wires, and fire hazard. We might actually worry about a fire happening if it wasn’t for the constant leaking of water from every pipe and crevice! Water pours out of it at times; we regularly have to shop-vac it up. We would absolutely love to buy a new furnace, but unfortunately it’s the last thing we can afford right now. Please help us!”





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