Featured Entry – Furnace 7

Craig from Derry, New Hampshire

“I bought this house 5 years ago.  During the home inspection we were told that we would need a new oil burner very shortly.  As you can see by the picture the tankless area is crumbling badly, it’s also leaking.  There is a growing pile of debris on the cement pad.  I worked at a law firm when I bought the house, lost my job and the health insurance that went with it.  Every health and dental bill in the past few years has been paid in cash, and consequently my oil burner has suffered, too much I believe. One of my friends who worked on burners in the past has said that he has never seen one in this condition and took some pictures of it to show his friends.  I belong to the Knights of Columbus in Derry, NH and found out recently that a few of the Knights were praying for my oil burner to last until I had the funds for a new one.  I have been doing laundry and have heard chunks of metal fall off the burner.  I’m afraid to look at it or let my dog and cat downstairs because I’m afraid if they get near it it will expire.  Please let me know if you need any more pictures.”



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