Featured Entry – Furnace 14

Kim from Winterport, Maine

“In the middle of the night, we wake to a clatter
We stumble down stairs to see what was the matter.
We don’t find a Jolly man in a red suit or reindeer,
No, it can’t be….it’s our worst nightmare!
We are not out of fuel and the thermometer reads below zero,
The repairman does not wear a cape, but he is our hero!
We wait ‘til morning to make the dreaded call,
Our hero needs his beauty sleep after all!
He scratches his head and ponders the sight,
We gather round to watch the “fight”.
He has gadgets and gizmos and starts to get at it,
He doesn’t even ask us about the ever present mallet!
Our hero works through lunch and dollar signs dance in our heads,
Alas, he emerges and tells us he’s “brought her back from the dead!”
We bid our hero a fond farewell, with check in hand,
We watch him drive off in his trusty van.
As we sit, huddled in our chilly living room straining to hear ‘her’ purr,
We keep the thermostat low so as not to stress ‘her’!
We can envision the headlines now….
Couple held captive by angry Furnace!! Help!”


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