Inexpensive Winter Activities Contest

We wanted to to know which (inexpensive) winter activities you were most looking forward to doing this past winter in your state or province. We had over 900 awesome and inexpensive winter activities ideas submitted. Check out the winning entry and the other entries below.

Congratulations to Nikita from Reading, Vermont for winning a tank of heating oil!

“We live in Vermont and one of our favorite things is when we prepare for the cardboard box sled race. The sleds are made of cardboard boxes with only tape, paint and wax allowed in construction. They can be any shape and size but can only have wax on bottom. No wood, nails, screws or rope are allowed. It is a blast to see what people come up with for sleds and to see if they actually make it to the bottom of the hill in one piece. Last year my children and I made an escalade called puppy bounty hunter and a prison bus for all of puppy’s captures. We did win but had so much fun. Even the constant spinning in the bus was fun. Almost got sick but fun.”