15 “Not so Easy but Worth It” Energy Saving Tips from Irving Customers

We asked our customers to tell us their best energy saving tip(s). And with over 800 responses, we were excited that so many people wanted to share their energy saving ideas.

Below you’ll find Part 3 of our energy savings tips; the not so easy, spend a little money and save a lot tips.


  1. Install and use a programmable thermostat to lower the temperature when you’re at work
  2. Use a space heater to heat a specific space so that you can turn down your thermostat for your entire home
  3. Buy an inexpensive dryer vent that allows you to either vent outside or inside. In the winter, you can vent the hot air from your electric dryer into your basement. Be sure to watch out for moisture problems
  4. Change the filters on your heating equipment
  5. Insulate your hot/cold water pipes
  6. Install a timer on your hot water heater so that it only comes on in the morning and in the evening
  7. Install an outdoor sensor that turns off your boiler when it is a certain temperature outside
  8. Place a boiler jacket over your boiler to keep in insulated
  9. Use a power strip to plug in appliances, televisions, computers, etc. so that you can completely shut them off when not in use. If you don’t, they will still use electricity
  10. Make sure you properly seal doors, windows, recessed ceiling lights and skylights
  11. Install a bathroom fan with an automatic humidity sensor. The fan will be on just long enough to remove excess moisture and then turns itself off to save electricity
  12. Aluminum tape wrapped around joints in heating and cooling ducts can help reduce costly air leakage
  13. Shrink wrap unused doors and windows to prevent drafts and cover bulkheads and lofts
  14. Turn off your pilot light in the spring
  15. Tell your kids to close the doors and don’t touch the thermostat


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