11 “Easy but not yet Difficult” Energy Saving Tips from Irving Customers

We asked our customers to tell us their best energy saving tip(s). And with over 800 responses, we were excited that so many people wanted to share their energy saving ideas.

Below you’ll find Part 2 of 4 of our energy savings tips; the easy, go to the hardware store first tips.


  1. Get your furnace cleaned and tuned every year
  2. Replace your indoor and outdoor light bulbs with super energy efficient LED bulbs
  3. Replace plug wall plates with insulated ones since heat can escape if they are not insulated
  4. Install a water saver flush kit in your toilet
  5. Install thermal drapes to help prevent heat from escaping during the night
  6. Look under you sinks to see if the areas around where your drain pipes enter the wall are open. If so, use a small amount of expanding foam to seal these areas
  7. Install a low-flow shower head. This can save you water
  8. Use a hot plate if you only need to use one burner
  9. Use a humidifier to make your home feel warmer. This also helps with dry skin
  10. Place seating and beds against internal walls of your home
  11. Hang your laundry outside to dry instead of using a dryer (weather permitting)


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