Choosing the Best Heating Oil and Propane Supplier for Your Business

If you are a business owner or manager, no one needs to tell you how tough the current business climate is.  The energy industry is no different and the effect it could have on your heating oil or propane supplier may give you cause for concern.

Unfortunately, over the past two years several fuel suppliers have gone out of business, leaving their customers without service. This is especially troubling when customers have paid for fuel that they never received.  With prices rising, many consumers are drawn to the discount fuel supplier.


Here are some things you might consider as a business owner before you decide on your fuel supplier:

  1. Can they supply all of your fuel needs in all your locations?  If your business runs on more than one type of fuel and has multiple geographies, it may be easier to have one supplier for all these fuels and locations.
  2. Are they a full service provider? Or do you need to call another vendor or two to service the equipment you use in your business everyday?
  3. Do they have a long history and will they be there for the long term?
  4. Can you call them anytime if your business has an issue? Or do you get an answering machine after hours or on weekends?  Can your business need wait until Monday morning?
  5. If you lock-in, are they purchasing your gallons at that time?

Like our residential customers, we recommend you use the Better Business Bureau as a reference for your fuel supplier. Irving Energy is proud to have earned an A+ rating on the Bureau’s reliability report. View the full report on Irving Energy.  The more you know about your energy provider, the better decision you can make for your business.  The last thing you need as a business owner is lying awake at night wondering if your fuel supplier will be there in the morning.