Propane and Heating Oil Safety – After the Snow Melts

Now that the snow is FINALLY melting, it is time to talk about the safety of the heating oil and propane lines that run outside from your tank into your home. This year was one of the most challenging in memory regarding the amount of snow and ice that fell off roofs. As the snow continued to accumulate, it wasn’t until March, or even April that the snow started to melt and slide off the roof. This melting snow and ice can be very dangerous to anyone or anything below. Your heating oil and propane tanks and lines are also at risk if they are not installed in an optimal location.

One night, we received a call about a propane leak caused by falling ice. The ice hit a propane regulator. After advising the customer to temporarily relocate to a safer location outside of their home, Irving Technicians responded immediately (along with the local fire department) and repaired the damage and relocated the regulator to a more appropriate location away from the dangers of falling ice. I then decided to take a good hard look at my own home. My propane lines were installed by the previous homeowner’s propane company and they run directly below the earth’s surface. I’m not sure where they run, but I can assume that the ground above them took the brunt of heavy snow and ice when it fell off my roof. Because of this, I’m going to call my local Irving Energy branch and have new propane lines run in a safer location (on the gable end of my home.)

I recommend that everyone take this time to look at your heating oil or propane tank and ensure it is in the safest location possible. Or better yet, call a highly trained Irving professional technician so they can visit and give you sound advice on what safety improvements you can make to your system. Here’s to a great Spring and I look forward to talking with you soon!