Technology and Your Heating Oil and Propane Provider

75% of North Americans use the internet and over 92% have purchased something online1. With this ever increasing use of the internet, Irving Energy recognizes that our customers expect to be able to work with their heating oil or propane provider through the internet. Here are some ways we are providing online convenience to our customers:

  1. Blog: If you are reading this you already know that our blog is a place where you can find a variety of interesting posts on topics from heating safety to the benefits of automatic delivery. And you can also sign up for contests.
  2. E-billing: Our customers can save time, effort and the environment by signing up for e-billing. email us and start receiving your statements via email in no time!
  3. Sign up: You can sign up for an account online or give us feedback online.

And this is just the beginning; we will continue to expand our website to make it easier for you. If there is particular on-line service that appeals to you, please let us know.

1. 2010 Nielson online survey