Meet One of Our Local Propane Service Technicians in Littleton, New Hampshire

We are proud to provide heating oil, propane, and diesel delivery and service to homes and businesses in New Hampshire. At the heart of our business are the many local heating oil, propane, and diesel delivery drivers and service technicians. I had a chance this morning to learn more about one of our certified local propane service technician’s in Littleton, New Hampshire – Rusty.

Rusty lives 4 miles from our Littleton office with his wife Diane. He has been with Irving Energy since 2003 and in the heating business for over 23 years! He and his wife have 2 sons, Jason and Rob as well as 2 grandchildren.

How did you train to become a service technician?

Rusty: I was hired by Irving Energy in 2003 as a delivery driver, a position opened up shortly after for a propane technician. I took my CETP (Certified Employee Training Program) through the New England Fuel Institute. It is a great program that took over 160 hours. The program ensures that people who work with propane have the knowledge and skills to work safely. I stay up to date by renewing my my license every year with about 8 – 16 hours of training.

What do you think customers should know about Irving Energy?

Rusty:  We are a local company that is involved with our customers and communities we serve. I live and work in a small community and my customers are my neighbors and friends and I treat my customers that way.

What is your best piece of advice for a customer?

Rusty: It is important for our customers to keep their equipment maintained; preventive maintenance can go a long way to keep energy costs low. I talk to my customers about the great protection plans we offer and how in the long run these will save them money. Having your equipment cleaned once a year is essential.

What do you take the most pride in?

Rusty: I work closely with a good team that works hard to take care of our customers. I am most proud of the training that I have received; our company takes pride in learning. There have been a number of changes in the industry in the last few years and the company has kept up to date with the training. Anyone who has propane at their home or business should ensure that they work with a company that provides proper training to its technicians.

For those who may be new the area what are some of the favorite places to go?

Rusty: There are a lot of reasons to come here. My wife and I like to go to a great restaurant called Bailiwicks and there are remarkable spaces here for skiing or snowmobiling. There are also great hiking trails at a place called The Flume just above the valley on the opposite side of the river.