Welcome to Our Blog

Valuable information and good conversations – that sums up what we are looking to accomplish on Irving Energy’s Blog.Blogging Is Communicating

We wish to provide readers of our blog with relevant and valuable information on topics related to all things heating oil, propane, and diesel. Irving Energy is fortunate to be made up of hundreds of great people with boatloads of knowledge and years of experience about keeping you warm and fueling your business. If you have questions like what’s the trend in heating oil prices, is price protection a good option for me, or how should I keep my furnace running efficiently, then the team here has answers.

Right now we get to share this knowledge with our customers on the phone, via email, or face to face in our customers’ basements, driveways, and front porches – we have thousands of conversations with our customers every day. Our blog gives us another venue for these conversations.

We know how we are going to start and even have our first few posts written, but beyond that we are looking for your feedback and comments to determine where we end up. We can’t have a good conversation without at least two people involved, so we’re looking forward to talking with you.